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This website was born when I decided to provide healing Reiki services to the great wide open, namely, YOU! I have been practicing Remote/Long distance Reiki privately and for friends since 2011. I feel the need to spread my wings and offer more. To hold Space for those who need healing- whether it’s a custom Reiki Session, Chakra Cleansing & Clearing and/or, but not limited to, a Chakra Aligning Session. If you’ve never experienced Reiki, would like to, or if something resonates with you, please Book Now!

Global Love Offering

Giving LOVE back to Nature with a Reiki infused Rose Quartz. When I go for my walks, I bring several Rose Quartz stones with me. I let my intuition guide me as to where to “offer” the beautiful stone and leave it there. Sometimes I leave a stone with a small shop owner to brighten their day. I call it the “Global Love Offering”.

Get in Touch

Reach out so we can get you set up. I’m flexible – If you’re in need of services during my off hours – I will accommodate and work with you.

Hot Springs, South Dakota
Monday – Friday 10:00 – 3:30 MST

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