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Zany (adj); amusingly unconventional and idiosyncratic. Eccentric, Bizarre, Weird, Quirky. Avant-Garde

Sandy . . . ZanyFae . . .

As a Spiritual Mentor, she aspires to Empower, Enlighten, Encourage and Enchant others to discover their Path in Wellness, Wholeness and Authenticity. To Seek within their Inner~G, their Truth, Power and Gifts.

🌟“Let your Magic Out” – Rakaiel🌟

Born Deaf, I have the privilege and gift of working with Spirit and Energy, since silence and stillness are natural to me. I’m sensitive to vibration! I humbly accept the gift of being able to tune out of this busy world and focus without the ‘noise”! I do speak Sign Language and Lip Read. 🧚🏼‍♀️I work with Faeries, since having a profound and life altering experience as a child. I am in sync and in tune with Nature. I hug trees 🤗🌳. I laugh with the Flowers 😛🌺. I gaze at Stars🌟, Moons🌝, Clouds⛅️ and 🪐Planets.


Birthdate: October 29

Zodiac: Scorpio 🦂

Celtic Zodiac: Wolf Hound 🐺

Chinese Zodiac: Rat 🐀

Native American Zodiac: Snake 🐍

Element: Water 💦


♒️⬆️ ♌️🌝 ♏️🌞

🦻🏼Clairaudient 👏🏼Clairsentient 👁 Clairvoyant

🧠 Claircognizant


* Defender of Mankind

* LightWorker

* NatureWorker

* EnergyWorker

* EnergyHealer

* WayShower

* PrayerWarrior

* Tree Hugger

* Crystal Keeper

* Grid Keeper

Transform your Life using the Power of Crystals and Intentions

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